Art for fun

Collection of illustrations
Most of the time when illustrating you can find me on my iPad using Procreate in a comfy space. I'm inspired by nature, environmentalism, bright colors, patterns, and the world around me.
Reach out
Want to see more? Check out my Instagram where I post illustrations and explore various forms of art
Taco Tuesday
Illustration exploration using heavy textures and bright colors of one of my favorite food and drink combos
Sweet dreams
Editorial illustration for an article on how sleep effects the mind and the stages of the REM sleep cycles
Powerful women
Illustration of Jane Goodall and the chimps she studied during her career. Goodall is best known for her work in primatology and anthropology
Digital collage
Exploration of digital collage using paper textures, and patterns found in wallpaper designs, watercolor paints, and sandpaper
Celebrating food
One of three in an illustration series celebrating the food culture of three cuisine capitals of the world - pictured is Oaxaca, Mexico. Find the others two on my  Behance
American sign language
A frog hand take on sign language
I spent some time illustrating some of my plants, check out the rest of the series on my Behance
Audio book month
While working at Macmillan as a graphic design intern I got the chance to create a GIF to be used to promote audio book month
Bernie and his mittens
Inspired by a viral image of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders
Spring is near
Romanticizing the spring weather by sitting in the grass, enjoying snacks with loved ones - like these two ducks I painted!
The joys of staying home
Created during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, embracing the simplicities life has to offer. Check out the rest of the series on my Behance
Turning trash into treasures
Market Map
A faster way to find farm fresh ingredients